Is your little boy a big Ben 10 fan? If the answer is yes get him the Bandai’s Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix. Bandai has made several figurines to add to his toy collection. He will have hours of fun placing it into the base and listening to the different alien voices. Let his imagination run wild by pretending to be Ben 10 with the Omnitrix toy. Luckily this toy is very durable and can withstand hours of wild adventures!

This toy is going to bring joy to your boy because:

• Mini translucent figurines, when your child places the figurines on the wristwatch lights up! As it’s so lightweight your son will find it extremely comfortable to wear on his wrist. The toy is around 7.2 ounces, so even boys of 3 and 4 years old can carry Ben10 around.

• Familiarity of characters. They will love the Ben10 characters and will be able to relate to that are based on the cartoons they have watched.
• Several figures to collect. Your son will have ten mini figures to collect, that all have their own unique lights and sounds. Each figurine that is placed onto the band performs a special sound or alien voice!

• Durability. This toy is made up of a sturdy plastic material, you can rest assure their not easy to break. Your son can play with Ben10 Ultimate Omnitrix for years.

• Boys from 3-15 will be able to play and enjoy this toy!

So if you’re looking for the perfect toy for your son this Christmas and he’s a Ben10 fanatic get him the Bandai’s Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix. The most common feedback from Ben10 is the joy the parents see when their son can entertain themselves taking on different characters. One parent even raved about the precise detail on the figurines and how they looked identical to the characters on TV.

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